Friday, 25 November 2011

DT Project week 25! RUDY REINDEER from Cutting Cafe

Hi Guys!
This week I have gone totally out of my comfort zone! I saw how basic the image was and thought.Hmmm what can I do to that??? I literally dreamt the idea!! (I know I'm weird lol)
So what did I do??? I made some earrings!! I bought some shrink plastic and traced the image thro. Coloured and punched a hole ...heated it it then made the earring finding and Voila!
...don't let me kid you. It took 5 attempts! I cut the image out but the antlers stuck to each other..used my fast heat gun and they burned-the smell was gross! Covered with glossy accents and the colours ran....couldn't find my round nose pliers, so, had to make the findings with a paintbrush and snub nose pliers-nightmare!

Anyway here is the finished article...hope you like it!

I used;
white shrink plastic 
Cutting Cafe Rudy Reindeer Digi Stamp
Letraset 0.7 fine liner
chameleon 'white' glitter
jewellery wire
heat gun-slower one is best!!!
few aurora borealis beads
pliers/paintbrush ;oP 

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a Fantastic Weekend.
Much Love!
daisylou xxx


  1. Fantastic, as usual . I am so far behind with all my Christmas crafting I think I will still be doing it at Easter !! Now, if only you lived next door ................... !

  2. These are fab, so fun, love those reingdeer
    Lindsay xx

  3. @tearose I'd be no good living next door I am still doing my own Christmas cards!!..sooo behind this year.

    Thanks both of you for your comments xx