Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fantastic Clarity Stamps Workshop with Barbara Gray...

Friday 29th July...

I was up with the larks and getting ready for something which I had been looking forward too since my OH said he would treat me as another part of my 40th presents :)

I arrived at Sedgefield parish Hall rather nervous. I usually have a chaperone but today was just Lil' me. Barbara's Fiance Dave and Tutor Annette met me and made me feel at ease straight away. (they liked my Marc Jacobs -Miss Marc shoes)

I sat next to a chatty lady who had done 'brayering' before. To me this was all new..I have the brayer, ink, stamps etc all still in their boxes...never been used. This was the reason I came on the course, to learn something new...seemed to be only me and another lady (who had never stamped at all) were the only newbies there!! Everyonelse knew what they were doing...PANIC!!

I was in Barb's group (as we were split into 2 groups...Annette teaching the others then swapped half way through. Meant we finished 4 projects and was a terrific idea)  First, we learned the reflection technique..I have seen Barbara do this on Tv~Create and Craft channel and couldn't believe I was actually going to do it myself!!
Trying to put the image onto the brayer was a nightmare! She told me it would become easier and by the time we had finished the day it was. Just like most things..just needs practise!

This is the first project...DAYDREAMER

I was thrilled with what I had achieved! Ok, wasn't anyway near as good as the others there, but for my first attempt...I was happy and eager to learn more.

After that we did a resist technique..first the heat gun was too hot and bubbled the paper. So, had to start again...then Oh Noooooo! I dropped the lid of the ink pad on my work. Time was pressing on so I covered  the mistake with looks pants. hence no photo lol.

After lunch (and some shopping in the Clarity Van..which is a Aladin's Cave! Packed full to the roof of goodies)... it was all go again! and techniques a plenty.
This time we did a snow scene...Unfortunately I stamped my house too low down. "It is a hard Winter with a very high snow drift" Barb told me with a giggle.
Everything was going well till I stamped the sign...I was told I was being too picky and Barb showed the class my  work. I went so red it is untrue. 
So here it is... I put a Santa in the moon last thing..not everyone did. I think it looks effective.

Wasn't till I got home I realised something...The shadow of the tree is the wrong way round! Shh don't say anything, nobody will know ;o)

Lastly Annette showed us the tree reflection. 

Again not as good as some, better than others....Could have coloured my hills in more but everyone was packing up so thought I would leave it as it is.

So, after 4 projects, a head full of information...I was buzzing. Mum and Miss Scarlett came to meet me and take me home. I think I could have talked a glass eye to sleep.. I was dying to tell people what a fabulous time it had been. 

To conclude...If you get the chance to go on a Clarity Workshop's really worth it. yes it's expensive but for me it's worth every penny. I now have the confidence to practise my brayering and am going to use the 'Barb techniques' to do my Christmas cards this year. 
Hopefully by next year I will have advanced and I will be the one the newbies look at in awe.

Thanks for reading.. they won't be as long in the future! I will also upload some of my work that I have completed to photobucket...eventually.

Take Care
dL xxx
ps. Please comment if you have the time. Thanks :)

Hello and Welcome!!

I would like to start my blogging by "Thanking You" for taking the time from your busy life to read this.
I can't promise it will be time worth spent, as this is all new to me, but I hope it will be a giggle, even if a bit bumpy at first.

A little bit about me.... I go by the name of DaisyLou. It is my nickname. My REAL name is Hayley. Am told on many occasions I suit Daisy, so it has stuck.

As in my profile, I am lucky to have an arty family..Mum is also a woman of many talents..altho her niche at the moment is her painting classes. Her house is her gallery. My Grandfather used to be a pen and ink artist and had many works in galleries. Unfortunately, I never received the drawing gene..I can do most things but my drawing isn't at their level. For me Rubber stamping is a life saver!

I suffer with ME/CFS aswell as other chronic illnesses which is too boring to go into... so take everyday as it comes.Crafting is my escape and enjoy it so much, whether it be in bed or downstairs.

I have recently for my Birthday received a puppy..a Miniature Dachshund (Sausage Dog) called Miss Scarlett. She is a monster in a dog suit and I adore her. I also have a cat called Molly who is 12 and hates the dog.... so life is fun, fun, fun! 

I have an OH who is a keen walker, minature wargame painter so we have one arty (messy) household.

Well that is my first post! Woohoo! I will tell you all about Friday...My Clarity Stamps Workshop :)

See you soon....