Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More pics...

Today I feel I have achieved so much...but actually done so little. Not a bad thing! :)
As promised more pics....I have quite a few still to bear with me.
I thought I would share my Christmas cards that I made, only a few I sent as I didn't think  they were good enough.
I will highlight the ones I did send..Feel free to Comment on which are your favs.
TTFN! xxx
Saw Barbara Gray do this...hers was good. Mine isn't!

Another Barbara idea off her CD that didn't get sent.

Hmmm...I do like this stamp..

Bit too much of a blizzard!!

I really don't like this but my OH was only a practice one.

This one I sent!!

This one I didn't...

Trying out new Promarkers......trees are just rubbish, as I got bored by then.

yep another one that went :)

Yes!! This was my major card ~ the one that I made about 100 of......but something is missing...
Of Course!!...SNOW! My major card design :)




A Birthday card for my friend Rose :)

Didn't get sent as didn't like the tree on the E.

Card for the lady and daughter we got Miss S from.



This one was what I learned on my workshop...I adapted it with hills. Took ages to make.

It's a Yes!..sorry its a bit blurred

This was made into card for my parents. Mum knitted Miss S a pink jumper so I added it :)

My Wrapping 2011. Tags are embossed and glittered.

I made the ribbon embellishment but bought the Merry Christmas ribbon.

That's all folks! Hope you are still awake and liked my Christmas cards and try outs!
Thanks for looking xxx

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  1. Lots of fabulous cards - think you are a bit hard on yourself about the ones that didn't get sent